Bassett Creek Services, Inc., is a capital partner for top restoration and renovation companies across the country. What makes Bassett Creek unique is its growing national platform that leverages industry experience alongside operational knowledge to support existing companies and drive growth.

Our approach is built on partnership. We strive to collaborate with companies and management teams who share our commitment to a culture of integrity and teamwork.






We are actively seeking driven leaders in all markets across the United States for our Restoration and Renovation businesses. This is an amazing opportunity!
  • David G. Baxter, President, Owner
    We really felt like the next step for our business and our family was to join a strong group. We quickly thought that Bassett Creek could be right one. Dan and Rob have proven to be good partners for us and we are excited for the future growth we, as part of the Basset Creek team, should achieve.
    David G. Baxter, President, Owner
    Baxter Restoration
  • Jeff Ranscht, President (Wisconsin), Owner
    The team at Bassett Creek shares our core values and our passion for developing our business. Partnering with a dynamic and inspiring group provided Region with the support needed to fundamentally grow and develop our footprint in the restoration industry. Region’s culture continues to be encouraged and reinforced by Basset Creek, establishing a successful and resourceful joint venture.
    Jeff Ranscht, President (Wisconsin), Owner
    Region Construction Group
  • Lou Perna, President (Illinois & Indiana), Owner,
    Here at Region, we were ready for the next step in growing our business, and the partnership with Bassett Creek provided the inspiration we were looking for. We joined Bassett Creek because they understand our business goals and provide the support needed to be a dynamic part of Region’s ongoing success. Their emphasis on culture has proven to be their greatest attribute.
    Lou Perna, President (Illinois & Indiana), Owner,
    Region Construction Group
  • Butch Waugh, Vice President, Owner
    Cornerstone's partnership with Bassett Creek from the beginning has been great. The transition was very smooth and seamless. Everyone involved has been fantastic to work with. The partnership is allowing us to expand and grow exponentially faster and more efficiently than we would have ever been able to do alone. The input and feedback from Bassett Creek and the other companies within the portfolio has been refreshing and eye opening.
    Butch Waugh, Vice President, Owner
    Cornerstone Renovation Group
  • Steve Caliendo, Vice President, Owner
    Bassett Creek has played a pivotal role in allowing our company to reach new heights and goals that would not have been achievable without their partnership. It is a family of the highest performing companies in the industry that produced high level of service for our customers through teamwork.
    Steve Caliendo, Vice President, Owner
    Cornerstone Renovation Group
  •  Sean Slatinsky, President, Owner
    Cornerstone Renovation Group is extremely excited about our partnership with Bassett Creek Services. We are confident that it will allow us to expand our already successful business into new markets in an effort to better serve our customers throughout their portfolios. We are also excited about our expanded capabilities through our sister companies spread out across the country.
    Sean Slatinsky, President, Owner
    Cornerstone Renovation Group
  • Del Starr, President, Owner
    JR Johnson is a family owned business that provides high quality and outstanding service to our restoration and renovation clients. Our goal continues to be improving and expanding our services to our clients. Joining Bassett Creek Services allows us to expand our services and join a partnership that mirrors our values and ethics. This synergy creates greater culture, which is the backbone of our success. We are proud and excited to part of the Bassett Creek Partnership.
    Del Starr, President, Owner
    J.R. Johnson